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Assassins: Prologue

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Well, this has been my first Flash movie that I've finished in a long long time. So, be gentle.
Letsee, story goes something like this: Vlad and Kragar are Assassins for Hire. They kill people. From seperate sources, they get a contract to kill some poor schmuck... in a strange twist of fate (Or poor writing), they bump into each other and eventually end up teaming together to finish the job.
This is the Prologue, which means I wanna eventually turn this into a series of some sort... it'll be fun.
As always, comments are always appreciated, so be sure to say whatever you want when and if you write a review.

All Audio used is credited in the Movie itself.
Edit: About Audio, something's wrong with the timing at the end of the movie. Don't know what's wrong, but it seems to be off by a half a second or so...

Oh yeah, for those of you who read good books, you might recognize the names of the two main characters. It's called a... something... some... literary term. But it isn't plagiarism as the characters themselves are different then the ones found in the Book "Jhereg" (Great book, Great read)... not to mention that the two stories take place in different universes, one being fantasy Midieval, and this one taking place in a semi-Realistic world.
In the end, it's just a big fat coincidence that two characters from a book share the same names as the two characters from my story...

Kudos to the Traveler for Pointing it out, I'll be honest that I didn't think that anyone in Newgrounds would catch it.
5-25-03 - My Computer Crashed Several Weeks ago. As such, I've lost everything associated with this Series. I'm taking this as Divine Intervention, and so the Assassins Story ends here...



ace i like it alot u shud make more like this action 10/10 comedy 10/10 eg i get to be jules drawing 9/10 for thhe goons no variety so 9/10 but really good any probz wiv this review jus message me....

So I Can Eat Ure Toes


i thought that you had made more like this, but good though :D


best shit eva made

freking awsome

I have to say it had that maddness feel to it I dont know if thats good or bad?

true, the kkk kan kiss my ass

man i hate those kkk basterds i mean do u see the nerve?!?!?!? cant the be like the rest of the normal people? i mean cmon my moms mexican and shes racist as hell but the one race she hates really hates is the humans.....lol(jk) those damn things murdering our wolven brothers speak up go to greenpeace.org great movie keep up the good work also your other movies rok also

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2003
7:02 PM EST
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