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Sterk & the Banana

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Author Comments

After the success of "Sterk ~ The Movie" (please watch also) I'm working on a second adventure (even better and funnier) of Sterk. But I've made this first. Please remember I'm now having pain in my troat because I did all the voices...
When you think you know something I can do to improve it, please write a review! (or just to let me know what you think of it...)

Please watch the whole movie and then vote fair! Thanks & greetz, Big_Boss_Man

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You misspelled "REALLY"

Just the fact that you did that shows me the amount of effort you put into this. For some reason, however, I actually giggled. It also made my ass hurt.

that sucked

Green guinea pigs slipping on a banana and hitting a brick wall? Oh and too much badly animated blood.

u kno what

screw that last guy, sterk is coo!

v0ted 5

gasq the guinea pig is not releated to the rodent famaly at ALL realy its related to the anciant animal called the karabarie in south america

Big-Boss-Man responds:

I won't forget that, dude! We have got 2 guinea pigs here and they didn't know that. I'm gonna tell them all about it!