March of Death

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This movie contains explicit images of war.

As of this date 6/15/03 no weapons of mass destruction have been found!



Not impressed. Unoriginal, making a tired point that.


I can't say all soldiers are bad after seeing that guy aimming a gun at the kid. To be prefectly honest after seeing the picture with the kid with the gun the guy must have been scared.

I don't like how polticals have gotten us today.

No other comment.

As of this date 9/5/2005 no weapon have been found

Unbelieveable, i never knew he was such a war criminal.

He should be sent to court and tried in Iraq for his war crimes. Probably would be sentanced to death as he deserves.


Love this......now you know how to get a message across......damn good job

Thank you

I would like to thank you for putting out a video that takes a view of the war, and doesn't and up with the final phrase being "lets all go kill Saddam and Bin Laden". I'm not going to make shots at anyone that has made comments on this, but I just want to say that I feel sorry for the people who have been accidentally targeted by the forces that are over seas, whether they are in Afghanistan, Iraq, or even going as far back as Vietnam. I think that the war is unethical, and I believe that Bush should not try to take other countries affairs into his own hands at such an extreme level. Yes, Saddam Hussein was corrupt, and yes, he did need to be removed. So then remove him, and don't destroy the infrastructure of a country in the process. As everyone knows, playing cards were made of targets that the US Military had deemed a threat; so then why didn't the Military just target those people? Before the impatient reader starts up his own angry response, remind yourself that they could have found these people, and put a bullet in their head. And if the reader is also going to say, "well we couldn't find them” then why did you send the most advanced planes into their country, and blow up penicillin outlets? Spend the huge amount of money spent shipping over all those soldiers to find the people who are the ringleaders, and remove them from the equation. Although I may be wrong, I think that the majority Iraqi people who are putting a resistance against the Americans are the people who have had their houses destroyed through inaccurate bombings, the people who have had children die in their arms because they cannot get clean water because all of the power production facilities have been destroyed, and the people who have watched their families get caught in the crossfire between two opposing forces. The people who are in the Middle East right now are probably glad that Saddam is gone, but I don't think they are to impressed by the American troops who say that they have come into Iraq to clean up and help, but who also refuse to leave. Also, I think that people should not be bashing a race as a whole, or bashing accusations on the actions of a select few who represent them. I think everyone, on newgrounds or not she stop immediately with the hate against other people. Individuals should be judged on their actions, not on what they are forced into. Lastly, I also think that Bush is a bit paranoid about Canada. Having relatives from there, I don't think it is by any means fair for him to say that any country is for or against us. I just would like to say in closing that I feel sorry for the people who are affected by any war, whether they support my ideals or not. I believe that the war does not have a firm platform to support its reasons, but that is my opinion, and I would like to share it, but not force it on anyone. Oh, and where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

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Apr 5, 2003
12:47 AM EST
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