The Awakening

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I worked a long time on this, nearly 3 months. Sorry about the huge loading time, but there was nothing I could do to scale it down. Hope ya like it :)



i avoided you pesky litlle trap by reading reviews and now i' m of to save everybody DONT WATCH JUST RATE ITS ONE OF DOES ' JOKES' YOU WILL SEE NOTHING AFTER LOADING JUST HEAR A SONG AND SEE A TEXT THAT SAYS GET A LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT i donu cause i di'nt see it but i am reviewing it and i am rating it zero but i din't see it BWAWAWAWA jea jea i know get a lif ...muble muble ... get yourself one an d then .... I SHALL STEAL IT FROM YOU WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Get a life

Maybe you should consider the patience that most NG members have. And then maybe you should consider if in say 5 months you would still find this funny. To you I say: suck a nut man and submit something regain some face on NG.

FirebirdGM responds:

Maybe you should consider the fact that It's rated 2.79. Figure that out. People submit movies which Have a plot, are funny, and they rarely get 2.5, yet I submit crap like this, and a movie that doesn't even load, and they are both sitting at steady 2.6+'s.

Don't waste your time.

After downloading it, all you get is the message:

"If you watched this, you have no life.

- Firebird2k :D"

... and you even get to hear a crappy song!

What a waste of NGS' bandwidth. You are a fool, Firebird2k. May God have mercy on your soul.


If anyone has no life it is you, my friend...

Well no, actually...

...we didn't sit there watching it load, we were watching *other* crappy no-talent movies to blam.

Decent songs, not even remotely funny (I think it was a joke?), seems to have an unnaturally high score at the moment, but like all your movies I'm sure it will fall to the crap-level it deserves :)

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Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2003
3:51 PM EST
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