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Folley Ball

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When a simple game of volley ball turns deadly...


That rather sucked, sorry. Um. Keep practicing.

Animation was just the ball. And it was lame. Not even realistic. No sound, either, that would've at least added something. The fatality was kind of weird. Just. Weird. This would be a good thing to practice making, not submit. Keep working.

For some reason, I like this flash

I was really disappointed that you replaced it with a real turd when it won turd of the week. But it's back, and I'm glad, although you should have kept it exactly as it was.

I just find it really hilarious. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. I don't know why either. Clock crew owns me.

Mushroom-Clock responds:

YOU FEWEL!!!!! This is a completely different movie that "Best Illusion Ever". Look in my library it's not that hard a concept!

Best Illusion Ever still exists-

It has kept it's "Turd of the Week" award. Do you see now? "Amazingest Illusion Ever" is a rip off of "Best Illusion Ever" except with Michael Jackson. Even if I replaced Best Illusion Ever with "Amazingest Illusion Ever" it still wouldn't end up in the 50 most recent list. Best Illusion Ever is still a better movie, and a lot meaner. Enjoy your experience. And review my other movies.

Way too predictable

Followed the formula for a fake-out-and-startle movie right form the beginning. WAY too much emphasis on turning up the volume. No sound and a periodic of long quiet requiring you to stare and focus. And lastly, an image that obviously couldn't be a real Magic Eye type thing. Agonizingly obvious, but hey, I like these kinds of movies anyway. Might be better retried with fewer bleeding clues, though.


Sorry. I was listening to 19-2000 really loud so I didn't hear what I was supposed to do. But I did see something, I think.


its been done before.

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1.38 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2003
8:00 PM EST