Lost in Flash - Part 4

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Well, due to demand (by 3 people) the fourth lost in flash was created. It, like the others, has no plot, no quality and no humor at all. But, I can't deny the fans. Sprites by Brian Carper at www.classicgaming.com/ff1. Cuts had to be made to bring down the file size, so the music took a shot in quality and quantity. There are only a few tracks and they're looped.

Let me know if there are any bugs in the menus. 4 days of watching and clicking kind of ruined the whole beta testing idea for me.



you said you would finish the series FOUR YEARS ago. i think its about time you give the fans what they want. A FIFTH EPISODE.

"All it ever wanted was to be happy"

Lol that was great I loved the use of the random battles the music was awesome too and how he was so attatched to his coutch was hilarious.


Hey well notbad, good story, great music, heheh it always comes down to the mage and fighter lol, anyways good sprite action eventhough im not a sprite fan, i did like the story...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Decent sprite action...


um less action

well it was funny nune the less and red_mage fighter is not gay its acting u moron go watch late night he tells it all who cares if aeris could not kill him whit a dagger and also would u dit whit a dagger to the chest?an also who gives a crap about fighter killing clod also cloud was defencless who cares sword they have good movie konsole make em walk also

konsole responds:

Yes, dxkpower guy disguised as teh snow master. I'll make sure to make their feet move in the last episode. The fifth and final lost in flash should be finished sometime soon.

God damn you to hell

I have many things to gripe about this one. First, why the fuck did you make fighter gay? Second, Aeris can not kill Sepiroth with one pidly dagger. Third, Cloud would have whipped out the Buster sword the instant that fighter whipped out his little Mythril Sword (if I remember my images correctly), giving him a supreme advantage in reach. Get the shit straight before you make them shitily, damnit.

konsole responds:

First off, it's a cartoon. Second, you spend way too much time in front of the playstation, there, Skippy. And third; refer to previous statement. Oh, and blow me. Almost forgot to add that one in there.

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2.95 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2003
1:33 PM EST
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