Skate 2.5

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Hey everyone! This is not my first skating film, as shown by the 2.5, but it's a shitload better than th others. to see them, go to my flash site, the link's at the end of the movie. It's 2.5 because I started a 3 but never finished it,and it wouldn't make sense to bring out a 4 before a 3, so 2.5 seemed to work.
Please note, not all of this movie is sticks, there are somenon-stick tricks at the end, including a trick by and dedicated to Chet Thomas.

The story behind this is that most of these clips I made intended for a game, one which I made a promo for but that got blammed, and I got lazy and never finished it. The rest are just from screwing around.

Hey, thanks for all the reviews, and please note that all reviews have been and will be responded too. I've noticed that a lot of you dislike (and I use dislike as a loose term, its more of a loathing) the sticks, and for that I am sorry, I had made them beforehand and I wanted to publish them. On another note, I am planning on making another flash with graphics like the ones of the last three tricks.



i liked it man i dunno why but i liked it man exept yje big gap-bar y no the stick guy wuz "grinding it" in 50-50 or 5-0(DIDNT SEE IT WELL) and the ba wuz bigger than hos trucks n im givin u 1 advise... make the bar mor smaller than the truck plz ^_^

chas ur my hero

yo chas its Danl, this movie is the most amzing thing ive ever seen on Newgrounds...thats why ur my favorite author...im just kidding but it was damn good though...


That was Awesome! fearitself_16 you can fuck off!

it suked worse than your mom!

it wuz exactley the same thing over and over and over! your flash animation skills suck. too bad for you! i mean ive seen better cartoons from a 6 year old!

kinda cool

but kinda sucked.... yea this is just not very entertaining to watch so... you get a 2

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2.53 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2003
3:29 AM EST
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