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NG Man

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Newgrounds finally has a HERO!!!

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that was crazy and teriffic and anally pleasuring


OMG that blew. The voices, drawings, and animation were all horrendous. they made me want to kill myself. and clocks pwn j00. B is so cool.
Strawberry clock is the king of the portal and oyu're a crappy hypocritical flash making retard. Maybe YOU shouldn't submit uber crap, eh?

stupidcob1 responds:

Lmfao, I Know I Was A Pretty Fuckin Retarded Kid... Smoking Too Much Pot, I Was A Fuckin Schizo The Whole Time, HA hA.. Goto paranoidmike.com

Ack Ack Ack

Please, stay away from Macromedia Flash in the future kid, until you learn some flash skill. Don't be raggin on the clocks either. Ack Ack.


Why the hell did this movie get such a high rating? it's goddamn boy who made this movie, damn...one tip, when you do your own voice acting lower the pitch of your voice with goldwave...

It was alright

keep it up