Animal maze Series 5

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This is my 11th submission!
As many of u want me to continue the animal maze series and the last game get the daily 2nd place. So I decide to make it once again!
But this game is surely be the last of the series! I won't make it any more!

Talk back to this game! Pls see the intro movie. then click the second button in the right lower corner to start. There are 3 difficulty to be choose. The uppest button is hard, the second is middle and the lowest button is easy!
The pre-set difficulty is middle. when u are ready, press start!
Pls help the squirrel cross the river by completing the road by clicking on the WHITE colour button on the right hand side! Remember YELLOW BUTTON HAVE NO EFFECT WHEN PRESSING ON THEM!
The squrrel may cross the road to the other side ramdom!
Be make sure your reaction time is fast!
U have 60 Secs to complete!

By the way, I have got 3 portal award already!
and My batting power have reach 3.70!

Hope u enjoy my last series of game

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Kind of hard..

Its hard but its not that fun...

ummm ok

its ok but ......... put it in are langage

Eh.... I'm not very good at Japanese yet...

The only problem I found with this was that, the instructions were in Japanese. ^^; And I couldn't read them... eheheh....:( This is the last game? Nooooooo....... Boohoo! But this series was so awesome!!!!! :D:D:D Loved this one too (after I figured out how to play it... eh.) :D

I liked it.

I kind of liked this game actually...
I thought that it was pretty cool and comedic through and through.
Though I think it really is a shame that there werent any instructions before playing, I couldnt figure it out right away.
I guess this was pretty good, even better when I consider the somewhat old origin of this into the game.
I think that it would still do fairly well if submitted right now, even with todays high standards, nice job!


umm this game was kinda hard considering i can only read english and spanish so i dont know the controls...proved difficult to play.i could only get 5 thru.

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2.79 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2003
6:48 AM EST
Skill - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place April 1, 2003