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hey guys this took a while for me to make, i'm not asking all fives, i just don't want it blammed. Thanks to Brandon Friener for the idea. This is the story of a man who wanted to come home from work, but died.



Tips: Use a smaller brush
Make it smoother ie. use more frames
Try and make an understandable theme.
This is worth blamming.

20 seconds

i want the 20 seconds of my life back please
why make something really shit and put it on the protal
please stick to fingerpainting

one word crap

Dude if you don't want a peice of work blammed off the map do some acuall graghics and animation work the crap stick figure stuff has got to stop.

ps this movie deserves to be burned

first flash

Hey, i'm working on a flsh myself and i know the hard work that one first one goes through, so i'm not gonna be my usually harsh self today on this one, for a first its good, and it would be cool of NGs came up wiht a portal for newbies to be acknowledged, that way your hard work won't be lost in the endless sea of experienced ppl who release shit, you know, a portal where newbies can put their work on and let ppl know, hey give me a hint, well, good luck, and i hope that you do get better, maybe as good as legendary_frog, well good luck in the future


for a first time little 9 year old u good man keep up the good work buddy stay away from drugs

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1.68 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2003
10:29 AM EST
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