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Celebrity Terrorist Alert

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You may have seen the preview of this engine a few months ago... now it's ready to roll! Woohoo!

Don't forget...
Press B ingame for nice background effects
Press Q to change quality
Press M to mute ingame Music
Press C to change control type

The high score is NOT a web-wide score, but only your personal high score...

Tiny change in the game play - bigger weapons more often and slightly more effect when you kill the evil overlords.

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So this game was notbad at all you have some fun activities on this one and the randomness of it was kind of fun I do think you could ad more interactivity to it though


This wasn't great, but I still enjoyed it. It's mostly because it's so easy. I didn't even know how my enemies were attacking me! They were just doing nothing. I guess it was them coming towards me. I liked the sounds. I don't understand what the purpose of peace mode was.

You could kill everyone as usual! I guess they couldn't kill you. I don't know who two of those guys are. I'm glad we don't have to worry about them anymore. Well, now we have Donald Trump unfortunately.

Excellent idea, and overall, a good game. I'm not giving it 2 stars because it's bad quality, I'm giving it 2 stars because you put Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein as enemies, when actually, they were both good people.

cool shooter

132 highscore! Made my day.