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Cry Baby Bush

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Okay, I know a lot of you will fire off flames saying I'm unpatriotic and I don't support our troops. I do support our troops and I want to see 100% of them come home alive.

The point here --in case you miss it --is that if we break the rules we can't be too shocked when a smaller, weaker, more desperate nation does too.

Bring the flames. But maybe it makes people think.


Good, But Not For Newgrounds

Well I am glad that we share the same views here, I just think this was more like a comic then an animation. If you added some voices and dialogue, it could've been more accepted within the NG community.

ooooooooooooooh righty then

What was the point of making this?.....it's not even a movie. Find another hobby besides making stuff like this ~1~


Well, First off, you need to add more- (hint a movie). This is good for a menu to something (hint: a movie). Great graphics otherwise. Also, you need sound. This is the equivilant to looking at a comic in the newspaper. Either try making a movie with this, or stick to comic books.


THat was a waste of time. I enjoy teh dissin of Bush but that was stupid. I don't even know why I am taking the time to write this that was so stupid. Kepp the Bush mockary comn but make it funny.

Short but Sweet

I enjoyed the style and detail of the cartoon, regardless of its lack of more animation.

And I also enjoy that you mock Bush. He says he wants to help save the Iraqi people, and yet he's killed close to 8000 innocent Iraqi CIVILIANS, and injured close to 12000 Iraqi CIVILIANS.

Yes, you're helping them sure enough, Bush. Helping them die so you can smack your lips around an Iraqi oil barrell and guzzle it down.

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Mar 28, 2003
4:41 AM EST
Comedy - Parody