SBCv2 Makes A Rap

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This makes Sesame Street look as good as SpiderMan

Never in my life have i been so dissapointed. People come to this site to be entertained, not bored to the point where you rip out your eyes. Heres a suggestion, go back to school and take media classes. Atari graphics are 3d compared to this... thing. As for the sound, id rather be listening to country music.

StrawberryClockV2 responds:

Yo, yo, yo,
Your reply was whack,
It's a strong as your ballsack,
Country music's shit,
So don't get into a fit,
Your name maybe im_your_papi,
But that pic shows one of your mami,
Don't mess with Version 2,
Because you're a piece of poo!

*holds up the V2 sign*

You lack redeeming qualities

My child, look in the mirror, and say repeatedly "I can't rap for shit, I can't rap for shit, I can't rap for shit" I know it sounds harsh, but your rapping is like a screwdriver scraping my eardrums. And the 1 for violence is what I wish to inflict upon you.

StrawberryClockV2 responds:

Hurrah for Xenu!

Oh god i can't wait to stick my fat chode in you

Don't forget our fag orgy tonight with all the other clocks.Oh man i'm so horney just thinking about my night in shining armor with his massive steed ready to bone my tight little buttcheeks tonight.


Bitch, make more. Coolboyman loves you. I vote 5, keep you alive, saving the crew whadya gona do?

News flash:

You suck at rap. Text to speech engines aren't meant for rappin' and it shows. Plus you're so damn full of yourself you can't see why people hate anyone with "Strawberry" and "Clock" in their alias.

StrawberryClockV2 responds:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, dawg ...
Before you go back home to your watery bog,
You should hear the Clock straight,
Because you got your facts wrong mate.
V2 is in the house, you can't see me!
Your movies suck, you must be on LSD!
If you think you can do a much better rap,
Then let's do a rap faceoff and hear your own crap,
I'm the Prince of the Portal, I'm the King of the Streets,
You're just a peasant, you can't make any beats.
What kind of name is The Unknown Aggregate?
You should be called The Uncrowned Fag, ay mate?
Before you try to retaliate your crappyness with yet another whine,
I'm going to own you with my very own V2 sign!

*lifts up the V2 sign*