Bball Shootout 2

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This is a sequal to my original flash movie, bse shootout. i kicked my frame rate up a lot and made this in about a week. so plz watch and review. also i am REALLLLYYYYYY trying to get the underdog of the week. I have been trying to get that award for as long as i have been an animator. this is my shot at the award so plz tell me what you think. and even if its not underdog quality, its a helluva lot better than this weeks underdog. mac and cheese tutorial? youve gotta be kidding me......


lol they voted brown

ok folks this is not the flashest flash but it does have humor. His stickin is not as good as yin yan but he makes up for it in humor.


stick figures blow a nut unless you use them right. and u sir sdid not use it right.


What a great movie, man i loved it.. Good luck with Underdog!

you are right mick

you're right he probably is stupid and america, but guess what. i bet he has a bigger dick than you. god bless america with us and our giant dicks


so you go and say my movie "Shoot Out" was a rip off from Stickdeath.com and you go and make movies that seem like they were ripped off from there..

so wtf is wrong with you?

my movie shoot out doesnt have stick figures in it, the sounds are from GTA3, and looks nothing like any stickdeath movie.. i think your a fucking retard..

Blackshadowent responds:

i was just kidding about your movie, but hey FUCK YOU! HAHAHAHAH FUCK YOU! FUCK ME! IT DOESNT MATTER FUCK EVERYONE!
oh, i am a retard at heart.

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2.86 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2003
9:23 PM EST
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