RageFactorX Episode 1.8

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In this episode BlueCrystal and Chronic Corrupter will join forces, and set aside their differences and Chronic will share how and why RageBaby has two runes.

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RageCorp Studios needs another animator if you would like to become our game animator email me at RageTownREcords@yahoo.com


gd music but could use animation

quite gd music but maybe you should add some voice over and animation gd try though

what the hell was that?

how many of your friends did you ask to click on a five??..i have no idea why this has such a good score...and for the reviews i am reading...doesnt seem like anyone who has seen it liked it...

Stop making MOVIES

This is probly the most retarded series ive ever had to sit through. I could make somthing 10 times better in about 5 min. How long did this take u, 2 min. 1.8 and 1.9 are submitted so close to each other that you might as well call this shit cause it just keeps comin out like a big ass turd. I don't see how any of thease survived. You want to make a game and shit for this but you don't even have animation. Not to many people are gonna want to play a game with floating pictures. GO AND WASTE SOMEONE ELSES TIME. How does this not get blammed is what i want to know. You must have all your gay little friends go on newgrounds and vote 5 just so it can survive. According to all the reviiews ive seen u get nothing but zeros but still get a 3.15? if i see another one of these im gonna throw up.

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1.11 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2003
7:59 PM EST
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