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Rogue of Grace, Coming!

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Author Comments

This is my first project. It's not as good as any other entry, but what the hell. All the graphics are taken directly from Nexon's game, NexusTK. Go to NexusTK.com for other info. As this is my first project (first submission too), there's no audio, because 1)I dunno anything about optimization.
2) I dunno anything about audio synching.
3) I'll prolly put the wrong music in worng places... Marry had a little lamb... BAM!!! FIGHT SCENE! Or stuff like that.

So, anyway, enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review.

Heheh, this update was quick o.O I added abit music, anyone wanna tell me how to make some music louder? The music in the first scene is too quite... >.< I also enlarged some talk bubbles. That's it, heheh... Now. Lemme see some audio scores!! Wee! (I'm hoping for about 4 on audio =P The music... Kinda has no sense.)

Also, the music id's from NG portal are-
Slow, mellow music- 978.
Fast beat rock music- 137.

Enjoy, once more =P

Once more, a small tiny bitty update-
The part where you see both of them sitting... And they're like crossing the screen, anime style, I made it jagged, instead of a straight line.

Now, to answer the question most of you will probably ask yourselves- Why the hell are they fighting? Well. Because. Nah, just kidding. Here a short update of the first scene-

Some guy dressed in red walks in and delievers a nice gesture of 'hello'. Now, the other guy fell asleep, so the red-garbed guy gets mad, and... Thrusts at him. That's when you realize the one dressed in black is REALLY short tempered, so he wanna fight. It's kinda supposed to be funny... But it's not.

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O_o... This is the first "Nexus TK" flash movie :D. Nice, it looks promising.

Are you scared of the guy with the fan?

Amusing, I suppose, in a cartoony sort of way. The character sprites don't exactly have a full range of physical or facial motions, but I liked how you tried to make a 3D environment using the trees and such.

And what's the premise between these 2 guys, anyway? Does the guy with the sword suddenly feel threatened by the guy with the fan? I grew up with old Chinese martial arts movies, so I know where you're going with this... But in the NG context I imagine most people will just see a guy waving his fan around like an idiot.

BreserkNexus responds:

Heheheheheh... The story is now in the author's comments <3

Nice sprite rips, but you need to work on stuff.

For example, i can't read half the dialogue bubbles (either too small or too dark) also, adding sound would be very good.

BreserkNexus responds:


Keep making these.

I really liked how you played with the foreground/background in the forest scene. Seeing the character fly behind the trees really gave it a nice sense of perspective. Oh and nice job mixing sprites with vector art. It was almost seamless. Can't wait to see the whole story.

BreserkNexus responds:

Thanks. The forest thing was my best flash work. =3 And the vector and sprite thing-- it's not too hard. Try it yourself! =D

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2003
9:11 AM EST