Latinos en Newgrounds

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Hellow again! Is _BlackDragon_ with the Latinos en Newgrounds Movie!

You think that you can join? So join us!

Oscar Zavala

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Latinos will conquer Newgrounds! >:D

yeahh latinos en newgrounds

ok yo creo que me puedo unir a los latinos de newgrounds porque asi como ustedes yo tambn soy un gran fanatico de NG. so que dicen? si y paren el racismo ya gringos!!!!

Yea latinos unite!!!!

Latino pride!!!
Latino power!!!
Us latinos will take over an i say
"Viva los latinos" cuz we're pimped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Even though the music is dum an i say it shoold be reggaeton it was pimped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bastante chido!

I really enjoy seeing talented latinos in Newgrounds, mainly because I'm latin! ¡Viva Mexico hijos de Maria Morales!

Actually I haven't seen too much racism in Newgrounds.

And I agree that not because Bush and some others are idiots it makes all americans bomb loving racists, but I really would apreciate if TV_Vision would not call us idiots or act like if it was okay to be opressed.

I'm not impressed

I've seen far better (and made better) Clock and Lock movies. In addition, this flash was insulting to friends of mine who are latino and they felt this was a bad flash. So it really seems that you are doing a disservice to the very people you are mentioning.

In addition, last time I checked, Ryu was Japanese and Ken was caucasian (white).

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2003
6:16 PM EST
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