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Snake kills Raiden

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My God... TVTropes had not prepared me for how awful this is.

I could animate better in Windows Movie Maker with MS Paint effects. At least there, the entire picture doesn't move whenever any animation at all happens. The voice acting sounds like a 12 year old got in front of a microphone from 1991 and started shouting nonsense that only vaguely resembles English. The story is nonsensical and only exists to kill off someone's most hated fictional character.

Did you even try? Did you even think? Did you even care?

I am amazed this has not been BLAM'd yet

Oh my God

I first heard about this through TV Tropes. I probably shouldn't have.

As much as I would like to say that your Animation's shit, the voice acting is worse than mine, and the idea is just ungodly unbelievable... Oh wait, I just did.

Seriously, you've got to stop swearing in every sentence, improve your skills and become a much more creative person. Either that or join all of the internet's other punching bags in the corner; either or.

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waste of time

that was a pointless waste of time.Raiden is awsome.Hes better than a lot of video game charactors.plus in number 2 it was about time they took snake away for awhile.Hes to big of a bad ass.Have you seen raiden in metalgearsolid 4?

it musta took him 10min to do

cuz it suckd and ayee my head hurts it made me dizzy cuza the dam picture movin aaround

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1.54 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2003
2:02 PM EST
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