monster! part 3

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part one and two are not required to understand this but you should.
sorry for the file size...



Wait... That was honestly all there was? I read the guy before me's review and thought this was some long nonsensical piece that was trying to be artistic. But it's just some kid playing with his toys. Cute man, but keep it to yourself. I've got my own toys to play with, I don't need to watch you play with yours.


I've been watching and tracking your progress as an amateur flash artist, and I really think you do not have a future. This is from a fellow, and very concerned, flash artist. Notice how I underlined artist. That implies that I have artistic ability, something you don't have. You need to learn that people dont like you. Actually, I think there is nothing better in the world than your flash animations. NOT! You are weak sausage, and if you had a little brother (OH WAIT! YOU DO! I SAW YOUR FLASH!) I would go kill him with a toy monster, kickflip him, and then make more flashes thinking I'm the shit. Go make yourself some pencils you piss fucker. Thanks.

Myopinions responds:

take it easy killer. i was 14 wehn i made this.
calm down and have a sense of humor.

That was 2 megs?

at least outside america we dont summurise a movie by going 'OMG YOU FAG U SUCK THIS SUCKSMUHAHAHAHGBSUEFZKFJMZJDTMGIUDS'....that prolly doesnt make sense. Really, these animations need to be MUCH LONGER if your going t get good marks. but if something that small is 2 megs....you gotta try proper animating...soz!

I like these movies.

Ya it's different. You're getting better too. Hey, next time have some music or sound effects. I'll look forward to seeing more of your work here on NG.

Myopinions responds:

there will be plenty of more work from me.
count on it

ok finally , now that was kool

about time, that was way short and way tight.,i didnt care about the resolution cause i could see his hand.,i dunno , im wierd like that.,but fuck it has action right into the flick.,tight mini sequence do some more.,por favor................

Myopinions responds:

i was young with a webcam and toys.

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3.01 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2003
6:55 PM EST
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