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Space Invaders 3D

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I made this game at school for a school assigment in Digital Media, well I thought NG users would like to have a quick play of it, might make more of it if people like it a bit.

--:: Update ::--
I know people must think they were getting a totally 3d space invaders game, at first I was gonna make all the enemies 3d but then I relised it slowed it down so much I just couldn't do it so I just finished what I done, sorry guys if I disappointed you, its space invaders modern version, have fun

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You get an A+

You showed off a very great version of space invaders. if only they made that on the N64.


soooooo many of these games on ng but a few extra points for smooth graphix and 3d

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pretty good

so it was good, but not as good as when i wack ur dads cock till he throws up in my hat


6's all around, pure coincedince too!
This is an accurate enough space invaders game, the only flaw is when the music is playing, it slows down to unplayable!
The levels, even on low quality, arent that great.
Apart from all of that, it's simply Space Invaders.
It works, but it's unoriginal, and it sucks.

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not bad

Well the space invaders never sped up after you killed a few (The main part of the game) I never had a problem with slowing down even with the music so...good game

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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2003
6:06 AM EST
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