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Guide Zed through ten vicious levels, collect enough gold to build his spacesuit!! Use ARROW KEYS to move. COLLECT all the gold and get the blue diamonds to open doors.


One of the games which has important in my childhood and which left me a great souvenir. And in view of the gameplay and the graphics I find that it is a high-quality game especially when we remember ourselves the fact that it dates 2003.

It's a pity that it had no ZED 2 there.
A french player

Good game

The best thing about this game are easily the graphics. Everything looks pretty CGI and bulgy even though it was made in Flash. The side scrolling doesn't take away any of the good aspects, though. What I did find weird was how I was unable to jump high enough to reach some of the powerups at times. At least I had fun playing it. It would have also been better if there was a way of defeating the enemies.

Of course, the good outweighs the bad and I especially like how fast you move and how high you jump. Zed looks like this giant ant in a blue spacesuit, kind of like Earthworm Jim. I enjoy how everything is presented in a fairly understandable manner. I'm glad you don't have to collect everything to advance to the next level. It's also great that you rematerialize back where you died immediately.

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i remember bak from wen i was a kid and played zed on my dads computer

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Great game but

Too Hard


Good enough, but you have not put enough stuff into it. I mean, gold, blue balls, dinosaur thingiemabobs and specials are the only stuff in it! I've got an idea. You should give us about ten lives instead of three, and make it more realistic, like when you get hurt you don't turn red, and instead, when spikes come up, make it look like Zed's bleeding for the rest of the level, when fire touches you, you burn and die immedeately and when you touch a dinosaur thingiemabob it eats you or crushes you. Also, you should be able to destroy the enemys with some sort of very long-ranged gun. You should be able to carry unlimited amounts of specials, one spacial gets you faster, on special gets you to jump higher, one gives you a gun to destroy the enemys, one automatically destroys all enemys on-screen, and last but not lest, (definitally not lest) one to automatically, no matter what position you are in, no matter how much health you have left, no matter what level you are on, wins the entire level for you! Only a few sugiestions, that's all! By the way, My high score is level four, 33% gold and I do not actually know what my top score is because I hardly ever read my score for some reason! Well, might review this game again! BYE!

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2003
7:21 AM EST
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