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Resident Koopa

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This has caused lot of hype at my site!

I warn you that it contains Resident Evil spoilers and I suggest you watch my Hamtaro singalong before watching this as it contains a parody of it.

This is a joint effort between myself, Razoric, JTDemon and Vazz. If you enjoy this movie, go visit our sites... what's the worst that can happen? (And don't let those DR Pepper ads fool you!):

Me - http://www.vgreality.com
JTDemon - http://jtdemon.vgreality.com
Vazz - http://www.vghideout.com
Razoric - http://www.razoric.com

*****UPDATE 13/04/2003*****
Ok, new preloader up (You can download it at my site if you want) plus a link to Vazz's version which he released today at the end. Go check it out here -http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=93256

*****UPDATE 14/04/2003*****
Yay, I got onto the Resident Evil section Newgrounds!

*****UPDATE 25/05/2003*****
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=99820 - See this link? It's the link to Newground Network member Razoric's version of Resident Koopa... In my opinion, it's hard to choose a favourite between his and Vazz's, but that only means it's awesome ;) Go check it out.

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This aged horribly.

Always Loved this as a kid. Great to be back on newgrounds. The spritework and text are amazing

Nearly Excellent but Great none the less.

Okay, the idea has potential, but there are a few things that could be improved. First off, either all characters talk (audiable voice) or none do. Choose one. Only certain characters getting a voice makes a piece sound less professional, not to mention the fact that multiple characters using the same voice makes it even worse. Second, randomness CAN be funny, but there is a limit. After a while, even the funniest material loses it's touch, especially random comedy. Third, limit any number of hand-drawn or higher res.