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A Thirsty Cowboy

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Yay...watch for more.
A lot of people complain about how pointless the movie is...my response...yeah it is pointless. This was one of the three movies that I started and didin't finish until after I learned more about Flash. It's a music video basically.



Nicely drawn and good music but no real point to the whole thing. It just sorta ends.


What the fuck? I liked it. That's wht scares me most..I had to watch it twice..the first time I see a drunk mexican on a donkey jerking off.. the second time he's shaking something probably a water container of some sort...thirsty...yea..Ok really thirsty cause there's like fire comming out of his mouth...then he reaches around and strokes the donkeys balls...he like his donkey..
he likes his donkey so much that it kills him when a passing buzzard shits on his beloved donkeys head..Ahh but the buzzard knows this somehow, cause he the buzzard is hungry... and he can now eat the dead drunk mexican cowboy...
But WAIT! the donkey!!!
Make episode two! You can call it "The Donkeys Revenge for Killing my Drunk Mexican Buddy Who Caresses My Balls In The Hot Desert" !!!

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well well well

It was a nice movie, not that long and kinda pointless, but I gave you a high vote for some animation feeling, and music.


That made no sense and was not funny at all...a pointless movie and i dont think ANYONE would like it. But it shows basic flash skillz so i guess u tried...

Weird stuff

He could survive x amount of time in the desert being thirsty and a single BIRD SQUIRT killed him? He was doomed from the beginning, me thinks: if the bird hadn't got him, a light breeze or a loud noise would have finished him off :P

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2.99 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2003
6:28 PM EST
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