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As simple as this looks the script was EXTREMELY HARD! Keep that in mind!

I know there are bugs it's still in beta!

Please leave suggestions for version 2 in reviews!

i have spiffed up this version

send screenshot of highscores to


(Name, Time [minutes, seconds, miliseconds], version)

=>cubsfan678 : 88:43:57 (version 1)
=>Tom Chambers: 45:25:00 (version 1)
=>MASTERCHRIS : 23:29:31 (version 1)
=>PentacleMan : 22:57:84 (Version 1)
=> TheBigDawg: 15:15:84 (version 1)
=>Harmonivinge: 14:25:29 (version 1)
=>Omar E Flata: 13:09:39 (version 1)
=>Matt Shepard: 11:03:97 (version 1)
=>Sebastian H. : 6:07:64 (version 1)

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Boring all you do is hold a button, nice work on the 'script' but the game doesn't do anything which is kinda annoying :/


Easy to win

Holding left is easy!

It's been done...

I've seen this done before, not in flash, but the concept is old. Also, Ori is right, there is a bug; if you right click it holds down the button. I understand that the scripting was hard. Keep tryin.

here's how to cheat

all you gotta do is press on the button, then drag the mouse out of the window. You can then leave or just go on other websites, doesn't matter. Then come back to it. Sorry to spoil it but I bet you that's how the top score people got it

A worthy effort!

I approve! I approve greatly. It's a fun little stamina contest...well, except that it IS possible to cheat, either by setting something heavy on the mouse button (and wandering off to do stuff) or by left-click-holding on the play button and then right-clicking and letting it run (and wandering off to do stuff). Through such methods you could easily rack up a score of, say, 88 minutes and 44 seconds before you got bored and needed to use the computer for other activities. You could...but that would be CHEATING, like certain honorless dogs out there are wont to do...wouldn't it?

I admit, I only lasted a few minutes, mostly because my fingers are tired and achy from a long day of powersanding paint off of drywall. I'll try again when I'm fresh.

But the graphics, while simple, are much better to look at than a plain screen...especially while engrossed in the thrill-a-minute activity of holding down a mouse button with your middle finger. But man, who sings that SONG? That song's the icing on the cake. I LOVE THAT SONG! And this is the first time I've heard it too, so that's saying something...no, not that I have hairtrigger tastes in music, goofy. >;)

So who sings that song, and where can I get the CD?

Message ends. Keep on keepin' on, ArchMage Reversed! Let's see Part 2 soon!

Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2003
1:00 PM EST
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