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Megaman vs Fighter

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Author Comments

8-bit and 16-bit being friends is weird... This is one of my first flash movies... It's 2 minutes... It's... Very wierd... No wonder they fight...

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Made me laugh

Haha ok this was funny and did make me chcukle somewhat especially the ending, allthough this could use some more effort on detail just little things here and there that will make it standout abit

Nice job anyways


That ending

I was going to verbaly abuse you, right up until that ending...LOL getting hit by a car! Hell that made up for the shody animation, completly toddler made storyline and megaman lazers firing like they were shooting dyed cack.

But hell, i cant do better ^^


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, that sucked.

............what the flip?

dude, you REALLY need to create a story line other then

'we were friends'
*fight fight fight*
'hey lets be friends....again'

and you need more sprites
that megaman attack was just some fancy coloured light and that would only ever hurt someone who had epilepsy.

and for god sakes learn how to draw blood.its not lines or a big block of red.

finally, you should retry this but this time, make it properly using advice me and other people have given you.
(unless someone has said something like'you should stop animating and die' or something)

Someone needs anger management.

Seems like you like to lash out on people who dont like your films.

That doesn't hide that fact that you're not good at this...yet. In fact your probably lashing out because you know their right and you wont admit it.

These are awful.

First thing you need is an actual plot. Not just 'hey, let's fight', followed by fighting, then 'sorry lets be friends' followed by a punchline that would have been funny if it weren't for the horrible execution.

Your tournaments are horrible too, because you dont tell a story, it's just stab- Person wins. Not funny, not interesting, in fact really lame.

It also wouldn't hurt to get some more sprites...and better special FX. Mega man's basic shot isn't that hard to do with a little photoshoppery.

Not to mention that you're using paint, which is the single most worthless program in existence. Photoshop, buddy.

Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2003
9:59 AM EST