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Around the world

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Author Comments

It's a little known fact, but candy makes up about 60% of all confectionary sales worldwide. But asking what possible use eskimoes have for ice cream is another matter (in alaska, ice cream is hot food!!) But when explaining this to another person, it is often a good idea to leave out the bit about it being full of sugar, because then they won't buy your girl scout cookies. However, it is unethical and immoral to convince someone it is nutra sweet when it is indeed common, every day sugar. But I guess the upside is that atleast none of your food will be sour. Which is the predicament face by people who like pickles. Which brings up the issue of soft serve ice cream - it's common knowledge that drug deals occur from the back of ice cream trucks all the time. However, substituting lemonade for orange juice is not a good idea. How would you be able to eat all those cream pies? No, a different solution must be found, one that involves marshmallows, honey, and jelly beans. Any such solution would have to allow for the use of hard boiled lollies, which is precisely the predicament you need to avoid when dealing with glazed almonds. Use of some decicated cocoanut or apricot jam should assist you in this matter. But make sure you don't forget about that rasperry jelly you left to set in the fridge overnight. Substantial amounts of condensed milk poured over custard tarts will always lead to an increase in the amount apple cider consumed in bakeries. Although there are some who would argue that biscuits are more important in a work environment. But this is a matter of great conjecture, as is the application of peanuts in the wholesale eating industry - much like many people's reaction to the very first flavoured milk. While on that issue it may be beneficial to remember that fudge is superior to pavlova. Then again, this is arguably true of waffles. But whatever your opinion of chocolate bars, you must realise that this is a worldwide phenomenon. That's right people, worldwide. This is true AROUND THE WORLD!!!


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I liked how much you have summarized everything from the 2000s and especially what the old school of the internet was like and even more the right music to make those summaries of how the old school of the internet was.

Great music used quite random as well

i love this song!

but this sucks. but since tis has my song i'll give you a 7. and vote 4

umm ok

umm ok.... ur even more random than me. umm did you have your pills today?

MetaphorcE responds:

you say that like being random is a bad thing? and if we think about it, maybe in a way it is. see, I'll let you in on a secret - I am not random *per se*, I am more !chaotic!. Yes, I think that shall suffice by way of explanation.

Oh, about the pills... I had a multi vitamin tablet today, does that count?


This is a totally random thing, but somehow, beyond my comprehension, it works, it really does work. Well done man.
Lets see alot more come
Dont stop making them random

MetaphorcE responds:

I can't stop being random. but that means not revisiting old ground.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2003
7:29 AM EST