Animal Maze Series 1

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This is my 7th submission!
Please help the monkey go to the other side of the island as it is isolated in an island!Please help him go to the other side of the sea and pls beware of the sharks!
just like be4, only mouse is required and the next puzzle is present in the right hand side.
This is pretty funny and there will be part2. pls check the series2 also!

Hope u all enjoy! it is not very difficult actually!

Pls also check my other submissions!

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It looked fun, but the peices wouldn't go in spaces that I told them to.

A Little Too Random

I like the game concept, but there are some times where you can only depend on luck to give you an island chunk that fits what you need. I've had some situations where its impossible to win with the islands given. It just needs a little more work to make it an innovative puzzle game.


This is too hard yes but that does not mean you rate it low just beacuse you cant beat it lol

The game is kinda cute but I wish you could change their positions and where they should be put after you have put them all out on the water field..


Sorry to say this but this is a crap game to me. You never get the right pieces you can't pick peices back up or even rotate them. I played about 20 games and never even got off of the 1 stage. Finally I just said the hell with trying to get to the second stage because it would just turn out to be another level much like the last one and I just don't fell like wasting my time on a game that is just to much crap it seems the game is one of luck instead of skill you just have to hope you get the right pieces.


grrr this is a good game but too hard and whats with were you place the land it like goes in a tottally differant place than were you clicked that frustrates me so fucking fix it up asshole its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying so fix it and fucking do it now shit face

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2003
12:26 AM EST
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