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To play just click the glowing blue egg next to the chicken.

I wanted to make a simple random fortune game, but deliver it in a unique way. They used to have this thing where you could play tic-tac-toe with a live chicken in a vending machine. I think it was outlawed by PETA. That was my inspiration for this.

I know there's a psychic chicken network site but it's not even Flash... or funny... hell, it's just stupid.

I originally made this for cornerusa.com and I have permission to post it here.



Really funny ^^
But it loaded pretty fast, to sat the truth (1 minute or a few seconds more) ^^
Loved it... but poor chicken ToT

this is the coolest thing i ever seen

wow that chicken was allmost dead and i like this game just its the coolest or what to do with this chicken well how do you kill it i just want its blood to come out i just want it to do it because im geting the crap out of it some of it just want to do it really bad that egg has words in it i thought there could be a baby chicken so it wasent! i want a baby chicken in there right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting, but...

:-( My eggs were always rotten...couldn't you change it so that it doesn't repeat the same fortune? I think that the past reviews were a little harsh, it's an okay flash, but you could definitely improve it, maybe some funnier fortunes or more things to do?

No comment.

I agree with all the other suggestions, especially the diabolic scottish guy reviewing before me.

AnarchySchoolbus responds:

If you have no comment why the fuck did you bother leaving a review?

it could be better....

what would be cool is if you click the blue egg too many times it will fry the chicken with a fortune saying somthing like "bad things come to those who click blue eggs too much" and also to have funnier fortunes.

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3.14 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2003
3:52 PM EST
Gadgets - Other