Flash Dunk 2.0

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I am very proud of this interactive game, this is my second try at it. Flash dunk 2.0 has 4 camera angle instead of 1 that the original had. Also it has more dunks, and the most important I was able to bring down the file size from (514k) to(151k)so basically flash dunk 2.0 has more dunks sounds and less waiting.


I think it was pretty good, but maybe you could make it 3D and see if it will make it any better.

whaaaaaaaaaaat was that?!?!?!?!?!!!

dude i expected more when you said this was one of your best games.
d only thing that was ugly was d grafs next lowest score i gave next to bloody rage. Sorry

That was sorta ok?

Pretty lame.. Least its not ripped off.. that i know of. you really ought to take a class in art. and animation. some other things to. All around that was one of ur best flash movies ive seen and i still didnt like it.


Cool very interactive, the guy did seem abit flat when doing the moves, maybe some way to make him 3dish, nice game though, and who was that girl all was coming to the guy, anyways great work...

OVERALL : A great basketball game with good amount of interactivity...


Work On It More.

Making it 3d would be a bit better, Filesize isnt that important if the movie is good. The camera angle changes too fast. And finally, The sound is a little bit annoying after a while. Apart from that.. good job, keep on improving your work.

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2003
9:19 PM EST
Sports - Basketball