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Sgt. Wanker 2 (fixed??)

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Author Comments

ok, this is a slighty more improved version, god only knows it needs it...badly


was amusing
we rejoin this forest gump esque guy
and his multiple personality disorder has caused him to recognise his hand as a companion
who is not in the mood

lol ok

This was amusing and it was over before it started, cant say i have seen the first but you say this is the better version, cant see that much, it was amusing and had some effort on your part, the first think i would suggest would be to add some sort of subtitles when the guy is chatting and wanking i suppose, But you need to also add more content make it longer give it more scenes and so on, so this was funny and seems like you were getting back at people but in the end it was still amusing and entertaining, just needs more work indeed.

This would be much improved with some "SUBTITLES" it would help for others to understand abit more as sometimes its hard to understand whats being said, not a real big deal, but its nice to have subtitles as a feature on this flash. You flash would look more improved and it would help some others to understand it better. You can even have it as an optio to Toggle on or off, so that the users who dont need it have that option availble to them. But you need to also add more content make it longer give it more scenes and so on,


it was kinda funny and the details such as the peg leg were a nice touch, the joke was well timed, but it was just way too short all in all and it felt like it ended right as it begun.

Uh, ok

My main problem with this flash was that it was actually a downgrade from the first one. Nothign really happens int he flash other then him talkgin to his hand. The graphics weren't all that bad, but then again we onyl saw actual graphics for about 5 seconds. The voices were probabyl thr key quality of this flash, as they were pretty good. I'd make the flash longer next time, as you at least hard a start here.

This one sucked, the first was funny, this wasn't

I don't see why you decided to make a second Sgt. Wanker this one really wasn't funny at all, the first was, this wasn't, there's worse movies out there I know, but this still sucks and there didn't really seem to be any point to it, it was too short as well, you should have made it longer and funnier.

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Credits & Info

1.85 / 5.00

May 11, 2000
4:51 AM EDT
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