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River City Stupidity 2

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I made this movie in about 1 1/2 hours. That's a great improvement with time over my first movie. This one is better with effects and animation. I made the music this time. Oh yeah, I always make my own sounds for my movies. :) Enjoy this movie, I have been working hard. I might make this into a series or something and have an actual storyline or something. Come on guys, that's messed, you're going to kill my movie with those low numbered votes...This is my second movie...so yeah, it does have some bad animation. I'm still learning though, but it's ok for having flash since yesterday. :) Thanks for the votes and reviews are always helpful.
Check out River City Stupidity v1.1

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Wow... Just.... Whoa.... I have... No clue where's it going. But it's okay, good really.


I loved it =)!

The9thSoulessDragon responds:

and I love you. :P

First review kinda says it all

Good for 1 and a half hours, but yea... it's too random. Looks like you can do some worthwhile stuff if you wanted though.

The9thSoulessDragon responds:

Thanks for reviewing my movie.

I am drunk.

Well actually I am only buzzed...well that was pretty entertaining. hehehe

The9thSoulessDragon responds:

You're drunk/buzzed? That's great man! I think it's cool when people have fun. I like making people laugh. I like to entertain people with things I can do too, like music and stuff.