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John's Arm 2

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This is the second chapter in the JA series. Here we see John, the world's only city morgue night watchman with a superhero for a right arm, try to get him some poontang. As if getting laid wasn't hard enough in the first place...

(By the way, maybe I'm stating the obvious, but if you're confused, check out John's Arm.)

Hey...running my site costs moolah, so purchases/donations are much appreciated! Thanks!

**I almost forgot- ten points if you catch the Transformers:The Movie reference. I shut up now.

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This cartoon's length was perfect. I was truly impressed at how the jokes kept coming . My favorite bit was when his arm came off and revealed that bloody stump. I don't know why, it's just a funny image. John is mostly okay with a hole in his body. You'd think he'd give his right arm to be a superhero.

The voices were good too. I truly appreciated how there were always different scenarios. It just escalated with all the scenes. At least John's getting something at all. I especially liked the arm's high voice.

More lulz!

I loved the first and this was pretty funny as well. Still my only gripe is the tinny audio, but that is only a mild negative. I'm poor right now, but if I like the other two I just might buy the DVD movie! :D I shall watch them now!


I laughed my head off when JA fought the alien and the Japenese guy.

I am Bacon!! Ham!! Ham!!

The preloader's was really good, as it keeps you entertained (too bad you can't solve it) I loved the whack-a-alien scene, and the scene where John's Arms faces against the that anime guy! And I feel sorry for the arm because John's a horny perv.


Poor John!JA is evil!