Variety Show Gun Shoot

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Just simply use the left mouse click!
This is my 6th submission

On the right lower corner, there is an arrow pad, use it to change the gun direction.
The button next to it is the shoot button, So just click on it to shoot!
U have only got 10 bullets in each level and there is a time limit!

First level should got 1200 points
Second level should got 2500 points
Third lever should got 4500 points
Forth level should got 6500 points
Fifth level should got 8500 points

Let's try it!



Nothing is really good at all about this game. Nothing at all. Players may complain about it not being in English, but, rather Japanese, I really didn't mind that at all. After all, the instruction is written within the Author's Comments.

The gameplay is so terrible, I can't get pass the first level. The game's got a series glitch where I can't hit the target, even when aiming in the dead center. It uses only the mouse, and while this does sound good as most Flash shooters do, here it is bad, bad news; There are on-screen buttons at the right corner of the screen: 4 arrows for aiming and a button beside it for firing. Now, I really don't understand why I can't just control the aiming and firing with the mouse itself; it has been done with other flash shooters and it's still being done. All you do is just aim your gun by moving your mouse up to the target, and once you got it aimed you fired by pressing the mouse button. Luckily, you're not shooting at targets that can shoot back.

The graphics are really bad, they are just too bland to really appreciate. And the Japanese guy at the corner is kind a creepy; he just stares at you, but, he looks like a zombie as he has no pupils, his eyes are just pure white. Not to mention the cat is kinda creepy too. They just stand there staring at you. motionless. Nothing good about the animation of the visuals either.

The sound is also really bad. The music is annoying as fuck and I really, really hate it. sound effects are also nothing special at all.

GOOD - What, are you kidding?

BAD - The whole entire game is God awful, do I seriously have to make a list?


pretty good a lil addicting but thats it

quite boring

im sorry but that was not very fun at all

hows about putin it in friggin english?

i have a feeling that the goobalygosh in japaneese had something to do with it. good idea thow

im sorry, just not good

i really dont find these games appealing but im ignoring that. the point is that i dont think that anything you do will make it better, but if you leave it as it is it wont get a good rating from me. sorry.

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3.66 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2003
11:10 AM EST
Skill - Other