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The State of Evil

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Author Comments

What if George W. Bush had made the case against Iraq at the State of the Union Address? A satirical revisitation of W's speech on the Axis of Evil and the War on Terror.

1. It's about 10 mins long ... sorry plot development. If you have too short of an attention span to wait for the payoff, well it's your loss. You'll be missing snipers and Bambi's stunt double and a hard-drinkin Dick Cheney with a snowboard (oh my!) otherwise.

2. This is Political Humor. It is nuanced and involved. If you consider "Political Humor" to be an oxymoron, much like the phrases "Deafening Silence" or "Military Intelligence" then you're not going to enjoy this. Save your time and move on to another movie.

3. If you have the profession in your profile listed as "Terrorist Hunter" or you consider FoxNews to represent the zenith of journalism (and not another oxymoron), then you're not going to like this either. i don't hate you but surely you will have issue with me and this piece. Likewise, save your time and move on to any of the myriad terrorist shoot-em-ups, and jingoistic films on this site, so you can work out some of that misplaced rage.

4. If you're still here after all of those warnings. Good luck and happy watching.

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tooo looong

sry guy i like politics but this submission is just boring ,think about shortening it !!!
also you could work again the graphics, hope i helped you

curious, then bored, then shocked.

The above was what i went through when I stumbled upon this... oh who am I kidding, piece of shit. This flash literally bored me to sleep, the drawings were terrible, and not funny terrible like Egorpators flashes. Sound quality was some of the worst I've ever heard, and I find grass growing to be more entertaining.
I decided that reading your comments would be better than this abortion disguised as a flash. I stumbled upon the usual Bush-hating lies... times 10. "Gufufufu, generals r dum bekuz Bush leds them and he iz dum gufufufufuf."
I've heard that before. But anyone smart enough to work zenith and jingoistic into conversation can't be that stupid, right? WRONG. Saying wanting to punish those who destroyed a symbol of our country and killed thousands is "jingoistic"? and causes "Misplaced rage"? Do you know what happened to those who opposed WW2 after pearl harbor? They were outcasts, and often driven from their town. As for spies, we interrogated them and put them to death.
If you think that you've outraged me, you haven't. You just have shocked me, since this is the closest I've ever gotten to an American who actually supports terrorists. That is , assuming you're American. I will check, and if you're French, then I won't be surprised at all( although with Sarkozy as president, they've gotten better...)
Go fuck yourself with a nuke, raghead ass kisser.

Trees are evil

Hahahaha trees are evil and oil is the life blood of evil. Sounds about right for Bushs reasoning.

"Secretary oif State"

Look, I hate Bush and everything, but this just wasn't... that... good. Tom O'Toole? The voice acting wasn't very good, Bush was WAY too eloquent, and it was way too long. Also, you spelled "of" wrong. Good one.


Unless I am mistaken, one of the facts of this came from the P.A.T.R.I.O.T act isn't it?

As always it is good to listen to someone take the piss out of Bush, or any politician but, This just wasn't funny, The Bush voice wasn't that good and the points were overdriven. plus, Charlie Manson only ever carved an X into his forehead. No swastikas. Also if the intention of this was to make Bush look like and idiot- ass why wa she so dammn articulate?

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2003
5:53 PM EST