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Synj Weekly Animation

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Author Comments

I'll be using this space for weekly animation challenges at Synj's forum. These are only quick practice animations.

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hehe i hate little skinny-ass bitches

oohh i got a glowstick... beat that bitch! And uhhh... karma is funny... and uhh... barbie is my friend and uhhh... uhh.

So THIS is what your earlier work looked like...

Well, Andrew, I never actually took the time to look up your older Flash animations but when I saw "Friendless Bob" on the Top 50 Most Recent List as a result of that weird '200 votes' thing, I had to see it. And now that I have, I can honestly say that you've come a HELL of a long way since you first started out. God knows this is still better than anything I could EVER do (I actually know nothing about Flash yet, but I'll learn), and all I'm saying is that you're at least a million times better now than before. As for the actual Flash itself, voices would have helped but I'm going to give you high scores anyways just because you used one of my favourite songs in the Flash. This isn't great or anything, but you're getting a 3 from me, dude. Oh, and keep up the good work. You know, your NEW stuff...

Funny I guess, but the ending sucked

^ Like I said, kind of funny, but too short and the "and then they all died!!!1"-style ending is getting veeerrry boring. And please, never ever use that song again ;)

Pretty good

Good although like what other people said it needs to be longer. i gave you a nine in humor because it was pretty funny. good job.


omg i'm sorry, i have seen this before, you shouldn't re-submit your gay stupid crappy stick movies more then once you prick (in a sarcastic tone) *vomit*

Strepitoso responds:

Silly portal errors, huh? Glad we're past this.

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2003
4:36 PM EST