Lost in Flash - Part One

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Ok. I figured it would come sometime. This movie does not, in any way, relate to 8 bit theatre. It's just something I did while I was bored. Now, to clear up the other thing; this wasn't supposed to have a point to it. The title pretty much sums up the entire cartoon. "Lost in Flash." The title isn't "big epic 8 bit theatre rip off."

Loading screen now works. I think.



if u just animate them better like make em walk eould be good and the joes wore rlly good


LOL killing a dragon thingy with a couch lol great that rockt hope ul respond to the long long long long long review i made u rock man all ur stuff rules if tom wanted to rock even more hed make u may's portal king rock on

konsole responds:

Of course I responded to it. I try to respond to every good review I get. There aren't many of them, so i'm more than happy to take a little time to write something back.

I loved it!

This movie was awesome and anyone who says otherwise can go to hell. I thought it was especially nice how you put a Tool song in the roulette scene. Nice work.

konsole responds:

It's just odd that you knew that was a Tool song. Most people have never heard of them. Sad, isn't it? And thanks for the review.

Pretty good...

it seems like you got lazy and stopped doing the fading text thing, lol. Good job, come up with better storylines though.

konsole responds:

Well, the fading text bit was annoying the shit out of me. That was my first attempt at a flash cartoon and I didn't know how to add text without it fading in/out until about half way through it. So to save time and trouble, I just started placing/removing text half way through the movie instead of going back and redoing several hundred frames of animation.


it was so stupid I laughed my ass off

konsole responds:

Well, i'm glad you found it so amusing that you gave it a 3. Where would my cartoons be without support like your own?

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2.61 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2003
7:33 AM EST
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