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ok guys, a few things first...
the file size is huge and im sorry.
this is no big deal, so dont expect a whole lot of graffix and animation or anything. i just liked this song and i wanted to put it into a video.
well this took a while and i hope you like it. the timing is real hard to fix when your a beginer. so write reviews of how i can get better, or complain or complement.
thanks, vote carefully


very short

but taking the rip out of the classic song from the 80's


Another reason I hate grunge, alternative and all these asshole groups putting out classic songs. And finding some reason to butcher them with what is suppose to be a new style of music. If this was the 80's version I would have givin you a higher score but seeing is this shit is here instead you get what I gave.

try harder!

This shouldnt be on here. the graphics were bad, and you didnt even finish it. I know it took you 4 hours to make, but a good flash take alot longer than that. It was a good song though. I like the concept, but you just need to put more time into it. Keep at it though.

as for DAZZLEDAZZLE's review
He made a video with the same concept, and its not that much better than yours.


This stinks. You spelt "there" wrong. What an idiot. The movie stinks even if it was longer. Don't cut it off in the middle.


I loved this song awile ago. not sure if i can say the same now. This inspires me to make a movie of the song actually WORTH watching. Jeez ppl!

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2.38 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2003
10:22 PM EST
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