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Native treasure

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one mans shit is another mans well good shit

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needs improvement

it's not THAT bad, actually. your drawing skills are quite good, but not good enough to draw decent characters.
your animations were good, though. just keep on trying!

Keep trying...

Don't give up, just improve your skills at writing flash, and you'll be able to create masterpieces in no time. Keep trying!

-Spiral out


you only forgot one thing....a plot, good animation, good sound, good style, good humor. well thats 5. guess it was worse than i thought.

Giant piece of shite

it was just awful. I'm sorry, I don't know what to say it was so bad...SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate you.

Your movie was crap...not to mention the grudge I already hold against you for making fun of my inspiration of another artist's movie. You're really rude and you need to learn to make something funny or remotely good.