Connect Four

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Haha yah i know its nothing prety to look at but a programer cant go very far without an artist. Anyways i always thought this was one of the funest clasic games.



I played three times, just to make sure I got the jist of your version of this great game that has entertained the masses for years. I found some problems however in each game. Starting with #1, I lost because when I released my piece, it went into the next slot to the left, rather than where I wanted it to go causing me to loose. In game #2, I won because the piece got stuck on it's way down, basically floating 2 or 3 spaces in air. In game #3, I noticed that the pieces almost always overlapped the slots, making it hard to sometimes count the score. Everything looks like it should, however a little on the scraggly side as some touch-ups could be needed. The sound effect was ok, but some music would really help. The time delay for the dropping of the piece was just way to long and made the game become boring.


Easy but fun

This is pretty good ecspacially since I'm too lazy to get all the pieces out of my closet, put it together then find somebody to play with. So yeah good

((( EXCELENT )))

Yes one of my favorite games, very good making the computer good like that he has some sneaky moves, nice work indeed, maybe some backrounds would be cool, anyways great job...



I gotta admit that AI is pretty good, but it's not perfect. That actually kept my attention for an entire game, good job!

Look at that, my 5 just gave you a .01 score addition. w00t.


how did you do it? please email me squeak589@aol.com cool

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2.63 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2003
3:39 AM EST
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