A new evil

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PUT IT ON LOW QUALITY AND WAIT TILL IT LOADS! PPL ARE FAILING TO SEE IT ALL BECAUSE OF THIS. I made this as a 3d flash. I hope your cpu can handle it. It keeps crashing mine when I try to add more so I have to submit it like it is. The sound is off unless your cpu can handle it. The art is good. I hope it isn't too bad. Take a look. I will try to make this thing better but for now this is it. Thx. Due to the great reviews I have desided to fix this thing up a bit. I will try my best to fix the sound and the rest of it. Maybe even add a better load screen. I will continue working in 3d animation. I actualy have another idea in the works.

UPDATE: I am proud to have won an award for this. I did not think it would get one. I think it is due to the high reviews given before it was awarded. I see there have been more reviews. Some good and some bad. To the bad I say...I know things are messed up in it. But the art is better than a 4 any way you slice it. To those that reviewed in fairness...I thank you for your comments and even for the thoughts on how it should be improved.

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Good work

Only one problem. . . If you are going to submit something of this quality in visuals, you need to make shure that the sound is just as good, and that it syncs up right.

I look forward to more stuff from you.

Nice work,but you need to work on the sound more.


Pretty Cool!

The graphics were great. Have to agree with others, however, regarding the sound and not much of a plot (aka it's yet another SW knockoff). It has potential though, and hopefully we'll see more work like this in the future.


The artwork was outstanding but i dont think its newgrounds material i meen uve already figured out the sounds an the graphics a have a go at some comedy or gore

i liked it

great style,nothing new concept wise but i think yur on to something good...

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2003
10:32 PM EST
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