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Wolf - Ammo

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A short film about greedy little luets in RTCW who don't give ammo. Don't blam just because you don't like or play RTCW.

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Brings back memories about me playing the demo...

The animation was pretty funny, although it was poorly animated. But hey, i always loved giving ammo to myself when playing the RTCW demo.

Rocked. Straight up rocked.

I congratulate you for publishing a quality movie on a quality game. Keep up the good work!

That was great

I know! i fucking hate that! if only if noobs were smarter..... it goes along with noobs who are medics they dont know how to distribute packs properly and dont know how to revive quickly! but that was a funny ass movie! you should make more!

Again, true.

"I need ammo! I need ammo! I need ammo!" is what you hear and they don't get any ammo, resulting in the team losing the match... greedy field op noobs. I agree totally with you. A suggestion for ye, make more flashes, especially one with panzernoobs. (Noobs wearing Panzerfausts and keep hitting their team and miss the enemy) and kamikaze panzers (Panzernoobs again, but they do kamikaze when up-close to an enemy.)


That was really fun :PIt been happend to be 2 and than i got so angry that i just killed him with my panzer:P greedy noobs:P
Nice Job