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The Jimmy Pee Program

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My friend Albert and I laugh at this old guy we always see walking around outside in his slippers. What a maroon!
So we maked a show about him hahahahaha
Sorry for the large file size. I made a floaty yam yous can watch while it loads

some of the lips might be off a little cause my computer sucks!! I axed my dad for a new one but instead he just shot me in the face!

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So this was when the whole thing started! :D Even has the weather duck thing! Sort of. Early inspirations, Constant shut up reference! Three tings! It's got it all, all by now re-occuring things, though all presented all the more heavily in this one first sketch. Even merch at the end! Crazy (wonder how much of that stuff you sold, or maybe still sell, if it's real stuff?). Love the intro (and longer version in the outro), and the continuity of it all, search for coffee, nipples, morse tongue, the perfect coffee... entertainment all in the details! Random but good. Looks like Jimmy Pee's matured a bit since these times too! His news show's a lot more considerate. :)



Love the jimmy pee dancers XD
In a time when turtles had diarreahhhhhhh he came and he showed us tha way...
"And men wonder why they even have nipples"
"What number is this ? *EEEEEEEHEHHUHUHUHHHHHHH* Seven."
"Taday we hava speshul on PESTOOOH muffinsss. Have you TRYED THE... CHAIIIIIII...it's TEA! A BRAAAAAAAAAAND new... with NO HMOs... Hellen I'm going on my break..."
And that fat guy behind the counter was hilarious...
"Stuff a yam in it, I got sumthin tah say!!!"


Laughed so much i cried. loved the facial expressions on all of the characters, the well written comedy and all of the voice acting. 10/10

noy very good

you had a good idea but i am sorryonly a few parts i liked so i'm giving this one a low score

So freaking funny

This is without a doubt the best thing you have ever made and it always made me kind of sad this was never turned into a series. The strongest point of this cartoon is how it is simply just punchline after punchline after punchline. I think the funniest of all might be "And men wonder why they have nipples!". It is simply so cartoonish it seems like a recent "Looney Tunes" cartoon. It also helps that the animation is also great and transitions wonderfully. There is so much going on you can not help but laugh at everything.

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2003
8:05 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 27, 2003