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Save The Blobs (Level 2)

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This is the second level... I think its more puzzling and fun than the first. If you like it, check out the first level if you haven't played it.

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Pyramid Maze

Pretty fun

these are really

Completed it on 2nd go. Then started a 3rd game and kept going until I'd gotten the alarm clock.

--- No score system

+++ The moving walls are really cleverly placed. I really felt like I was working out a sensible puzzle rather than either just feeling like I was just going through it all or feeling like it was too obscure.

- Gfx still a bit rough.

- I'm not sure I like the time limit killing us. If you were to have a score and boss like in L1, maybe a cool way of doing it would be to just have the timer go into negative or just stop at 0 with a fixed score penalty, and when you get to the boss, it'd say "he got bored and went home". So if you wanted a decent score or to see the boss, you'd have to complete it within the time limit?
It just seems to make it less fun having to start over again.

+ the tick-tocking is a nice touch.

Another cool game.

Shame you seem to have vanished. These are really great.

Not Great But...

It was a ok game and it keep me busy for about 3-7 min


pretty fun...could use better graphics...maybe some moving obstacles or monsters u have to dodge, great puzzles and items and stuff to collect. Overall pretty good but i would like to see more stuff and a wider variety of challenges to face. Ur gay.

Good Game

I figured it out 2nd try, so I didn't think it was all that hard. Maybe if you only had one life It'd be hard, but since you have 5 whats losing one gonna cost ya? There may have been an option to get less lives but I didn't check.