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The first game I have made and uploaded to Newgrounds. I have spent 3 days on this ( I know it's not that long) and I've finally finished it. A BIG thanks to my friend for helping me with some of the actionscripting. Please review and vote fair, Thanks!

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Well peoples who voted bad on this guy......

I know this is like 3 year old controversy but what u guys said was pretty damn harsh. I liked this game and I have no idea where u guys got this conclusion that he stole it. And even if u did, who fuckin cares.... u don't have to go as far as talkin about his dead dad. And plus, I bet all the guys who backed up Tomoko( who is incredibly hot giving that ) just wanted to try to get under her clothes. But Dreamer no slut callin.LOL ><

BEST pac man spoof EVER!!

yer a lil man whit a lilbit o dope and eating up the weed u kno it should be more like this when u get eaten by another eveil germ thingy it should show u in first person mode getting really high so u see visions then when u beat a level u should get more high and more high then it would be harder and funner!


Hhahaha that was cool, even though i seen many many many pac-mans this was very good and has a new twist, just gotta love this one great animation on that aswell, the music was a great part of the new pac, heheh anyways, cant see much more to improve since its just classic ol pac-man,


Wow, you can make a stupid Pacman game.

So can everyone else who knows actionscripting. It's funny writing a review to someone over a year younger than me who can't really do flash that much. And your response to the last review was pretty lame. TomokoSasaki says she doesn't have a dad, so you should shut the hell up. :D

Dreamskape-1 responds:

TomokoSasaki says she doesn't have a dad, so you should shut the hell up. :D Im on about my dad asshole...


the lives never go down...fix this!

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2.20 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2003
5:08 PM EST
Skill - Collect