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White Rabbit

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Author Comments

i was painting in MS-Paint and i made this Wakka Doo picture ... and i said ill thro a flash with it ... idk it came out quite strange... i find it you hit play and use it as a music video or just like a raido it is not that bad....

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I liked the images

the eye really looked lke the rabbit and alice is holding the rabbit (this was in the begining)
in the end i liked like how the catipiler was the one smoking out the picture and all and i also liked how alice was with a cat in a bubble.
gret images.

Loved the picture

But you shouldn't have spoiled it by turning into a flash, you should've just post it as art on art portal. The song by Jefferson Airplane you've chosen to set up the mood is too popular, and most of us are just sick of it, so it didn't work much.
But I'm giving it 10 because I'm also sick of those reviewers who suck hard, but still think they are some sort of experts.


i swear..why do you people make these crappy flashes!?WHY!?...i guess god did that...but still!i dont understand it!!i used to think to devil did'nt exzist but then god could'nt make someone as crappy as you...shoot your self.really.steal a colt and shoot your self.i suggest a....bazooka.

Yah, that wuz the lamest movie i have ever seen...

That sucked, i mean.. it wuz stoner music, and it wuz just a pic moving farther out.. i like occult type things, and i have no CLUE why i played it, but the pic wuz funny.. that wuz about it.. thats why im giving it a one... a water bong?? lol ur weird.. just like alice, the high girl in alice in wonder land, actually, its not that much of a wonder, u should play the game Alice, its awsome.. but not this.. this movie is crap, with a good picture..... WE!! im just rambling on.. EVIL DEAD EVIL DEAD EVIL DEAD!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Watch EVIL DEAD!! ALL THREE!! THERE AWSOME!! lol... FIST FULL OF BOOM STICK!! YAH!!!! Neo11395 @yahoo .com HAHAHA!! FUNNY E-mail, Hu??? ITS MINE!! I TELL YAH, MINE!! ALL MINE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Im high. or drugged.. i dont know which.. just DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!! ACK!! IM DONE!!! NO MORE TALKIN FOR ME!!! WEEE~~~

can't give u too high a score,

it just wasn't of high quality

Credits & Info

1.85 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2003
4:39 PM EST