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Hacked 25 Points

Defeat the Level 1 Boss

The Flood 25 Points

Defeat the Level 2 Boss

Strange Substance 25 Points

Defeat the Level 3 Boss

Visionary 50 Points

Defeat the Final Boss

Without a scratch 100 Points

Defeat every boss in a run without taking damage

Unbiased 5 Points

Use an arrow trap against your enemies

Cool and Crisp 10 Points

Freeze an enemy

Earthquake 10 Points

Kill an enemy using a jumppad

3Easy5Me 10 Points

Clear a challenge room

Isolated 25 Points

Find a secret room

Duck Lover 25 Points

Have two or more Ducks on you at a time

Little Army 25 Points

Have three or more Angry Astronauts on you at a time

Rough Touch 10 Points

Finish off a boss using the thorns item

Fully Equipped 50 Points

Have 15 or more passive items on you at a time

Hard Reset 25 Points

Revive yourself two times in one run

Giving Up 5 Points

Take the Die-Instantly Pill

High Roller 10 Points

Win 50 or more bolts from a scratch ticket

Disposable Income 5 Points

Pay off a stone block

Mitosis 10 Points

Duplicate at least one passive item using The Banach-Tarski Handbook

That's how I lost my Medical License 10 Points

Remove all of your item slots with the bonesaw

The Beach Ball 5 Points

Commit the most evil crime possible

Generous 10 Points

Buy out a store

Pay with your blood! 10 Points

Use the Apple of Desperation

The Long Game 50 Points

Fill up the donation machine twice and claim your gift later on

Was it really worth it? 10 Points

Rob a store

Tradition 25 Points

Finish Level 1 without picking up any items

Wealth 25 Points

Have 200 or more Bolts on you at a time

Greed 25 Points

Finish a run without having spent your money once

Progress (...?) 50 Points

Make if off the planet you've been stranded on

Legend 50 Points

Unlock every achievement

Author Comments



  • Fixed some enemy animation issues
  • Fixed Achievements unlocking when they shouldn't
  • Adjusted some passive items
  • Increased Sniper Rifle ammo price from 2 to 3 bolts
  • You can no longer charge charged melee weapons while in cutscenes or stunned
  • Fixed bug where the astral projection money pickup hitbox wouldn't disappear
  • Fixed bug where walking over passive items on the HUD would cause the Info Pop-up to appear
  • Fixed bug where the wrongturner enemy's bullets would glitch when killed at a specific moment
  • Fixed bug where chests would disappear behind ice
  • Smaller bug fixes


  • Fixed bug where the player sometimes couldn't pick up items after picking up a coupon


  • Fixed bug where the Haunted Blade Item wouldn't move charged sword's swing effects with the weapon
  • Fixed bug where the Level 4 Special Room chest items would be paid
  • Fixed bug where normal bolts would still spawn after using Flipside


  • Reworked Money Indicator, you now need to click on it to view it, it still pops up when hovering over shop items
  • Fixed bug where moneysubtracttext wouldn't disappear (again)
  • Fixed bug where Shopkeeper wouldn't react to getting attacked
  • Added cooldown timer to Level 3 Spikes to prevent unfair damage
  • Ammoboxes can't spawn if the player hasn't picked up a gun yet
  • Duck Love now works faster at the beginning of a boss fight
  • Fixed issue where picking up an item while standing in front of a selling machine would sell it instantly
  • Fixed Tesla Coil Lava Soft Lock
  • Fixed bug where Icicles would spawn under ice patches
  • Fixed bug whether the cursor would get stuck as an hourglass


  • There is now a very high likelyhood for a chest room to spawn right next to the Level 1 spawn room and contain a weapon
  • Melee Attacks now move along with the player to make melee combat more consistent
  • Fixed bug where melee attacks wouldn't register correctly
  • Fixed bug where arrow trap wouldn't shoot straight


  • Added sound effects for various actions
  • Fixed bug where passive items that have already been collected and passive items on the ground interacted weirdly with each other
  • Fixed bug where beating the game twice in one sitting would mess with the credits screen camera
  • Nerfed item "Lucid Dream" by only making it reveal the map at the beginning of a level
  • Fixed oversight where the player could leave boss rooms after using an invisibility potion
  • Fixed some hazard overlap during dungeon generation
  • Added functionality to some gun affixes
  • Fixed bug where bosses would spawn money


  • Fixed bug where the player could prematurely leave the Level 2 Boss Fight


  • Fixed bug where the player could leave rooms they haven't beat yet
  • Punch melee hitbox is now larger
  • Made vase mimics less common


  • Added an option to remove flash effects in the settings
  • Fixed bug where the player could move while frozen
  • Fixed bug where secret shop items would become free after robbing the main level store
  • Fixed bug where switching to a sword with the "spinny" modifier after swinging a regular sword would cause animation issues
  • Fixed bug where items couldn't be picked up in some situations


  • Added a control remapping menu
  • Wall Spike Traps in Level 1 are now much slower
  • The player's hitbox is now a lot smaller


  • Slightly increased player movement speed and acceleration/deceleration to improve responsiveness
  • Fixed a bug where the guitar with the "Nuclear" affix would shoot nuclear explosive mega rockets of death
  • Level 4 Wall Turrets can not longer spawn in corridors
  • Made doors flash before room is beat
  • Adjusted room icons for visibility
  • Fixed bug where Poudrin's segments would get stuck in walls
  • Improved some Level 1 Room layouts to be more fair
  • Greatly improved passive item spawn chance
  • Made attack speed for all weapons framerate independent
  • Fixed a bug where price tags in secret shops would not display the item's price correctly
  • Fixed bug where Level 2 Ice Cannons were not able to freeze enemies
  • Improved Ammobox animations
  • Performance optimizations


  • Item Info rework; the item info prompt shouldn't get in the way anymore
  • Fixed some broken effects with the "Wormhole Pass" passive item
  • Made The Ruins easier by decreasing enemy HP and trap frequency
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of Endothermia to adjust the difficulty curve accordingly
  • Levels now scale with each stage, getting bigger as you make your way through a run
  • Replaced chargebox sprite with something that represents its function better
  • Poking Spikes can no longer spawn in the Level 1 Boss Room
  • Fixed softlock with the teleportation potion
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes crash the game after entering the "Retro Modes" menu
  • Changed the "Meiosis" achievement to be less RNG-heavy
  • Fixed some achievement related bugs
  • Fixed a bug where bolts would get stuck inside of walls


  • Fixed bug where money_subtract_text would not disappear
  • Adjustments to Level 4 "Sprinkler" Hazard


  • Fixed bug where the "wavy" weapon modifier would make guns shoot to the right


  • Selling Machines now give out less money the more items are sold
  • Fixed Various Boss Fight related bugs


  • Initial Release


Dynacore is a top-down roguelike shooter. Make your way through 4 hazard- and enemy-filled levels to find a way off the wreched planet you've been stranded on. Every death sends you back to the beginning so you'll have to use the Weapons, Trinkets and Traps you find on your way as well as your prior experiences in the depths to your advantage to make it out alive!

Press F to enter Fullscreen at any time

If the game isn't loading for you please refresh the page, try a different browser, or download the

standalone release



SPYROBLOX - First Person to 100% Dynacore!

shachar4 - Second Person to 100% Dynacore

DarthSyndicate - Third Person to 100% Dynacore

Runner Ups: Cozmic-Parasite, PrudeNudeDude, MathewMaple, JCLV


Game by Prox276

Promotional Art by Mochii

Assets Used

Awkward | Thaleah | Weiholmir

If you'd like to support me and my work, please consider

donating over at this games' itch.io page :)

Have fun!

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i fought the first boss with no weapons and i know you guys know how it ended up

I want the soundtrack on spotify please!!!!!

I only killed the shop guy for the trophy... and because why not

hey how do you drop stuff without mouse?

i hate this game now T-T jk this game is fun as hell though im gonna try to 100 percent it without dropping stuff then

Prox276 responds:

You can't, sorry :(

very underrated game wish it had more attention
10/10 :]

Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2022
3:00 PM EDT
  • FamiTracker
  • Audacity
  • FL Studio
  • Aseprite
  • Construct 2