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dont see it (same movie)

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A preview of a movie about just about everything. Features a bunch of celebrities. (A Parody)Added a scene...

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an assassin is hired and it ends before anything interesting happens
it was well animated
maybe it could have potential
its just a trailer


drawing were alright, but lipsynch was terrible and didn't match up at all, and the voiceclips chosen seemed completely random and non-sequitur in comparison to one another, the drawings were good though, but you could have used more movement in your animation.

Not bad

First off, I must say the graphics are quite great. It is quite good artwork, and it made me interested in watching the flash. The mouths didn't move with the voices all that well, but the voices were still good. The animation wasn't all that great, and you definitely have room to improve in that department. It is a great start for a flash movie though.

((( DECENT )))

Its decent, and for an older movie still up there with the best of them, the "ART" was really nice to see, some really decent drawings, you should make more when you have time...

Maybe adding more animation, and more to it, while it was really cool with the drawings could be improved with more effects and animating...

Overall a decent flash shows decent effort, hope to see more soon...


What was this supposed to be?

It hurt my brain while I was watching it. i dont know how but I think it was when i was trying to figure out what it was. ok drawings though.