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In this game you play as a robot called Array who has to fight other robots in three arenas with three waves of enemies each.

Desktop Controls

W A S D - Movement

Left Click - Attacking and Aiming

1 - Pause

2 - Fullscreen


Made by Rahim Ali and Jonathan Nilsson for the Newgrounds Mobile Game Jam within 15 days from the 3rd of August to the 13th of August.

Title screen art, logo and banner drawn by the great TrickWithATwist

Music by Chrythm

Source Code


Watch the hellish development streams (Some streams are blocked in some countries due to copyright)


I'm sorry that the multitouch on the mobile controls is jank, the scaling script I used for html broke multitouch on the mouse gui functions so I was forced to make controls with the regular mouse and draw functions.

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This game was a great package! I had a lot of fun, and liked the variety in the enemies, level layouts, and the weapons. There were some really smart balancing choices going on with those (i.e. the baseball bat didn't have long range, but it could break blocks, giving a player some extra navigation options). The game's length was just right, too - it ended just as I was starting to feel less engaged.

I ran into some of the usual troubles with dual sticks on mobile, in that your thumbs can take up some precious screen real estate and make enemies hard to see. It can also be a hassle if your thumbs slip out of place; it must have been a balancing act to decide just how big to make the sticks, but I think the team struck it really well.

I also wasn't totally sold on the art and designs at first, but they really grew on me within a few minutes! The cutscene at the end was really cute, too. Plus, I appreciated how closely the art tied into the gameplay. The bat's swing animation very reliably matched up with the hitbox, and I never felt like I was misled by any of the animations . Plus, they synced up well with the music and SFX, both of which were really satisfying.

All in all, the team did a great job!

TrickWithATwist responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're actually working on getting an updated version of this game out soon with new content so keep an eye out for that if you're interested :)

DJRahimAli responds:

Thank you for the well written review!

the controlls are poor

its too zoomed in

the ui is very... google powerpoint

gameplay is just meh

thats about it

It's a fun little game that has passion in it!

I have no idea how this would control on a phone, but it feels pretty damn good on desktop. The biggest issue is that it's a little dull. The enemies are all basically the same - even though some are melee and some are ranged, you deal with all of them the same way in that you can't do much other than run up to them and kill them before they get a chance to attack. The shotgun and SMG allow you to do this faster and at longer range, making them unilaterally better than the club (breaking bricks with the club is mostly useless.)

Despite adding in new content as the waves progress, the fact that all of them are dealt with the same way makes it feel very redundant. This game could have been much better with the inclusion of enemies that had slower but more powerful attacks, allowing the player to actively dodge and punish enemies. Perhaps some kind of rushing attack with a cooldown, or bosses with multiple phases. Any or all of these things would have forced the player to approach enemies with some kind of specific strategy.

The graphics look nice and it's cool that you got custom music also (the menu theme is a slapper.)

DJRahimAli responds:

Late ass reply but yeah, a lot of the things you described were similar to what I initially wanted to do with the game, but with the project being made for a game jam obviously a lot of things were to be scrapped for time. (Also I rushed to program every enemy in one day at the very end of development due to lack of time.)

There was a "DX" version of the game I had planned to develop after the Game Jam Version where weapons and the inventory were supposed to be a lot less annoying, with the ability to switch between melee and a gun and enemies were to be as fleshed out as I had initially wanted them.
The roomba enemies were to charge up and launch towards the player, which the player would be able to dodge, causing them to bounce against the walls like the balls in breakout and the bat enemies were to enter a crazed state when at low health where they chase the player at a higher speed.

There's improvements to the weapons, camera and other stuff too that I planned but in the end my passion towards the game went thin as I couldn't really draw yet so I would need the help of an artist to help develop the game, and they would be busy and I would also be busy and so on.

In regards to programming, I have since moved on from the GameMaker Engine to go and learn the Godot Engine, as a fair bit of limitations were really detrimental to what I would want to do in my games (For example, actual true pathfinding which I wanted to add to enemy ai in DX).

Great game! Awesome work!

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2022
2:36 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2