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Area K.O. Trilogy

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Finally the first three Area K.O episodes combined!!! ENJOY!!!!!



The first 3 combined, heh, might as well just tell you to read my other reviews, or copy paste it here or something, ah well.
It's all good, I see that the trilogy has a higher score then the single submissions, but thats a given.

Hmmmmm... Fighting stick figures, nothin 2 new

You did an ok job at this. I like the video game format to a movie. Aside from the bad guys doing random shit fighting stick figues isnt to new. Nice job though

Hey its ben mr TeknoGames! Keep it up!

Yo! I won't give out ur real name but if u ever read this just wanted to say im soooo impressed by these cartoons. seriously there really good! if u enjoy than i say keep workin on it. okay well say hi to ur bros for me and tell them were gonna start skating aswell. okay well ciao
ben / cosmoman3

((( WOOT WOOT )))

Woot woot all 3 yeah, hehe not like i havent seen the others though, well anyways good story, and yes needs dialog, good fighting, nice animation, and superb sounds, overall its a great series, hope to see more soon, great job...


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I thought that for a stick-movie. it was prety decent. Unfortunately for flash-makers, I tend to be pretty harsh as for me Xiao-Xiao are the holy-grail for stick movies.

It was a pretty good attempt though. The sound for the gun-shots were really good and it was a decent Metal Gear parody... but the Metal Gear: Triple A is way funnier.

I'm off to watch the next one now, hopefully there's more dialogue in that one because that's which I thought that this flash really needed.

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2003
9:48 PM EST
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