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The Bunker: Prelude

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Author Comments

"The Bunker: Prelude" is a short science fiction point and click escape game where you arrive in an abandoned factory bathed in green hues - where you remember you escaped from somewhere. Explore the apocalyptic ruins as you wander around silent corridors and junctions, searching for a way to - an undetermined destination.  

This is the first in our new six part game series called the Bunker Chronicles. Each game will progress the story to discover where and why the player is in this mysterious place. There is also a graphic novel being prepared for this entry. 

The game was made with Clickteam's Fusion 2. Fusion 2 now allows multiple exports from one native source file to every platform in popular use - from Windows PC, HTML5, Android and IOS and MAC.


Please see our supporting sites: 

Flash Vault Project: http://archeonmedia.com/page14.html

Flash Vault Source Code Edition: http://archeonmedia.com/page19.html

Archeon Media: http://archeonmedia.com/index.html

Archeon Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Archeon-Media-710540368976636/

Our Stop Motion http://archeonmedia.com/page15.html

Our fourth HTML5 game of the season, with a vintage 'RETRO' genre game play and some point and click escapism. I always loved those old escape games that trended back in the 2000s day. Here is our modern rendition. 

Rolando Gutierrez

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Excellent ambience, visuals and sound with great suspense. And the other parts, where are they ?

ArcheonMedia responds:

Look on the games list we have and you will see the next Bunker games. This is a series, so play them as they are listed.

Surprised they still make these point and click games. So, were you supposed to make it to the gas mask guys in the tunnel?

ArcheonMedia responds:

That is the end...keep tuned, we have Bunker 3: Escape and Bunker 3.5: Prison coming out soon. You may get further. Thanks for playing and thanks or the review.

The pictures for the game is good, but is hampered by bad design choices:
- There is WAY too much waiting. Every time the player changes screens, they have to wait for the arrow keys to load to go to the next area; why not just have the arrow keys load immediately as soon as they get to the next screen? Sometimes, when the arrow keys lead to a new screen, text will appear and the player has to wait 3 to 4 seconds for it to go away and for the arrow keys to appear again. This happens every time regardless if the player has already seen the text before. Why not have the text and arrow keys load at the same time; that way, the player isn't forced to wait. I'm guessing the "waiting" was done in an attempt to increase tension, but this only serves to hamper the player from exploring and decreases replay value and encourages the player to avoid checking out previous areas.
- Sometimes, the arrow keys won't work and you have to click on them multiple times (this might be programed into the game that they won't work until a certain amount of time has passed.
- The position of the arrow keys can be confusing. I'll enter a new screen I hadn't seen before and click on one only to be brought back to where I was before. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the waiting.
- While the pictures look nice, the game doesn't offer much in the way of puzzles or using objects (except for the key card). Often times, I click on things, see them change, and wonder if I'm making any progress. In one instant, I clicked on a switch to activate it, left the screen, came back, and the switch was no longer activated.

I hope you will continue to work on your games. I wish you luck.

ArcheonMedia responds:

Thanks for the critiques. Yes, you are right, the arrow keys are timed so the player can read the text and will not allow click until the time elapses. It's an old feature I saw on the early point and click flash games that I transferred over. These first Bunker games were intro items to the series that is coming right up. Some puzzles are planned for the futire entries.

--the switch was a small oversight noted prior.

Thanks again!

has alot of potential

ArcheonMedia responds:

Thanks for the comment!

Pretty good, but waiting for the same dialogue and stuff to come up if you die and then the delay on the arrow buttons is a bit annoying. Other than that, pretty solid!

ArcheonMedia responds:

In the next set of games we are looking at how to change this. Thanks for your review and for playing. Stay tuned...

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2022
12:05 AM EDT
  • Clickteam Fusion 2.5